Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What Is My Air Filter and Why Do I Need To Replace It?

A:  Most homes utilize central heating and air conditioning systems.  This means that air is heated and cooled by a "central" unit and then blown through ducts to different rooms in your house.  The air is sent to the "central" unit via one or two or three openings known as "returns".  Air filters are located at these returns in order to capture airborne particles, germs and odors and prevent them from being circulated throughout your house.  Over time your air filter will become saturated with the items it is collecting out of the air being circulated around your home.  It is important to change it regularly so that all of the air that you breath throughout your home is not circulated through a dirty air filter.  


Q:  How Many Filters Do I Need?

A:  Every home is different.  Each air conditioning system will have at least one (1) air filter, but many have multiple.  Locate every return air grille in your home and make sure that air filters are present at each one.


Q:  How Do I Know What Size Filter I Need?

A:  Filter sizes are measured in inches and are generally printed on the side of your air filter.  If there is not a filter in your return air grille to reference then you can measure the opening.  


Q:  What Level Of Filtration Do I Need In My Home?

A:  The chart on "Step 3" of the order form outlines the different airborne contaminates that each type of filter protects against.  As a general rule, Standard Allergen (MERV 8)filters are sufficient for vacation homes or homes with 1 occupant.  Superior Allergen (MERV 11) is better suited for homes with multiple occupants or pets.  For homes with smokers or occupants with sensitive allergies we recommend Premium Allergen (MERV 13) filters.  


Q:  How Often Should I Change My Filters?

A:  Every 6 months is typically sufficient for vacation homes or homes with one occupant.  Every 90 days is normal for typical homes with multiple occupants.  The air filters in homes with pets should be changed every 60 days.  Every home is different.  Always monitor your air filter.  If your filter is getting too dirty between change then increase the frequency.  If your filter appears brand new between changes then decrease the frequency.